Do you have plan for 64bit version for Windows?

edited March 8, 2021
Do you have plan for 64bit version for Windows?
  • Linux Box as a 64bit Workaround under Windows:

    Hi compunk, I had the same question earlier, and I am checking back from time to time to see if there is progress on Zotero's Windows-64bit plans. My impression is that this is a niche request by the very few Zotero users with large databases, which is the case for me (220k+ items as of now). For this reason, I do not think a native 64bit Windows version of Zotero will be ready anytime soon.

    That said, I would like to tell you of the workaround that does the trick for me: I installed "Oracle VM Virtual Box" (aka Virtualbox) on my Windows 10 machine, a 64bit Linux Mint system inside of this, and then the 64bit Linux version of Zotero inside of that. All this is free or open source software, and it handles my database reasonably well.
    Some caveats: Direct Windows integration is restricted to the clipboard. For browser integration, I am running Firefox inside the Linux system, while MS Word integration only works via import/export through a common folder. I'll be happy to discuss this in greater detail if I should come across your or someone else's questions. Cheers.
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