"Subsequent" conditional for different items but same container-title or reporter

I'm citing Swiss supreme court cases which are generally cited as "[Reporter] [Year as vol.] [Division] [First Page]", e.g. "BGE 123 II 321".

Subsequent mention of cases within the same citation should drop the reporter, if it's the same. Meaning "BGE 123 II 321; BGE 456 III 654" should actually be "BGE 123 II 321; 456 III 654", omitting the second "BGE". Can this be achieved? As reporters are (AFAIK) not names but container-titles and the items are not identical, the methods I have checked so far fail.
  • So-called chain citations, common in law, aren't supported in Zotero, no.
    More generally, you can't test for previous occurrences of any specific element -- subsequent can only test for the entire item and subsequent-author-substitute only applies to the bibliography.

    You can improvise chain citations by turning this into a single item with 456 III 654 in "History"
  • Juris-M can do this. The relevant attribute is called no-repeat (see https://citeproc-js.readthedocs.io/en/latest/csl-m/index.html#no-repeat-extension). It should be implemented in a style-module.
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    Thank you very much @gduffner ! This has indeed solved the issue.

    For posterity, the code now reads:
    <group no-repeat="container-title" suffix=" ">
    <text variable="container-title"/>
    <group delimiter=" ">
    <text variable="collection-number"/>
    <text variable="division"/>
    <text variable="page-first"/>
    <text macro="locator-note"/>

    You have to separate the part you want to omit in subsequent cites into its own group, as no-repeat suppresses the entire group.
  • Great!

    @evolin have you seen my private message? I don't mean to push. Just asking as I know from my own experience that those messages are too easily overlooked.
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