Zotero 6 and plug-ins

Hello all,

I really don't know what's planned for Zotero 6 (or indeed updates of 5). We have a plugin https://github.com/edtechhub/zotero-edtechhub that we use across the https://edtechhub.org. Is there any plans we out to make for future versions of Zotero?

  • We don't have any guidelines for the forseeable future. We will be switching to a newer version of Firefox as Zotero's base in the future and that will likely require some changes from plugin developers. Once we have the details we'll post on the dev-list. The biggest changes are likely to be related to XUL UIs, the preference pane if you inject any UI there and the collection/item tree if you modify that somehow. Context menu changes shouldn't be affected.

    A change to a newer Firefox base is not currently planned for the Zotero 6 release.
  • In the past, Zotero has given really helpful detailed information for updating plugins.
  • That's good to know! Thanks!
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