problem restoring data to Zotero after Windows reinstall

I copied and moved all the files, followed the instructions, but no matter how many times I do it, Zotero is not importing it. Can anyone help please?

The sqlite file is 4960 KB.
  • A 4960 KB file is quite likely just an empty database.

    You're saying you're restoring from a backup?

    Can you tell us the names, sizes, and dates of all files beginning with “zotero.sqlite” in your backup folder?
  • Hi,
    Thanks - looking for this info I just stumbled upon a different Zotero backup, so I pointed Zotero to that and hey presto - it worked!

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    OK, great. Depending on what you mean by "pointed Zotero to that", you'll want to be sure to close Zotero and move that into place in the default data directory location so you're not stuck with a data directory in some odd location.
  • Yes, that's what I did - thanks again!
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