[Beta] Link to a specific PDF page from a note

In the new (beta 5.0.97-beta.2+8b1b2ee56) I can insert citation in a note and specify thereby also the specific page. If this other cited Zotero item has a PDF attached to it, then there is the option "Go to Page" from the note I have just created. This works fine if the pages in the PDF are numbered from 1 to N and I use a number inbetween. However, often an article don't start with page 1 but some higher number, because they are part of a larger volume/publication. In these cases the "Go to Page" don't work accurately, i.e. the default (first page) is shown always.

I tested different PDFs for this. I see that some PDF have a second page numbering also visible in the PDF view of Zotero (the default page number 1 to N is then shown in paranthesis). However, other PDF don't have the correct page numbers saved and just start from 1, even if you would correctly cite that page with 373 as an example.

Can the "Go to Page" been extended to work also for PDF with page numbering starting with a higher number?

Moreover, I suggest to make maybe also some attempts to go to the correct page even for the second case, where the page numbering in the PDF is not accurate, but we have the page range in the metadata. Thus, if the user wants to go to page 375 in a 12-pages article which starts at page 373, then it is reasonable to actually go to page 2 in the PDF. Such a logic could be implemented, I guess.
  • (that'd be page 3 in the PDF ;P) -- I think ZotFile does a version of using item metadata to get the right start page and I agree it'd be nice to implement.
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