Replacing in-text references from 'My Library' to a Group library

When working in groups, we typically start adding references to our documents from a shared group library. We now have one project in which one team member accidentally started adding references from her 'My Library'. There are already over 100 of them in the footnotes in a Word document we are working in. She has now created a Group library and has copied all items from her My Library collection there. Is there an easy way to replace the footnotes items from her My Library with the same items from her Group library? Thanks!
  • Alas, no, there isn't.
    I wish there were a better solution for this type of scenario which I don't think is all that rare.

    You're aware, I assume, that you can just keep working with the inserted citations by selecting them from under "Cited" in the add citation dialog? -- though I'm guessing given how many groups you have, you're likely using the classic add citation dialog where that's not an option?
  • Thanks Sebastian... Yes, I also suspect this scenario isn't altogether that unusual. Yes, I have more than 100 group libraries - some of them probably also unusually large. Yes, I tend to use the classic 'add citation' dialog (it's really the only practical solution for people with many libraries). And yes, I was already afraid that there might not be a more elegant solution :( .

    But still: COULD she 1) create another profile (that would not longer have the original 'My library' collection); 2) have the new 'Group' collection (with all the copied references in it) open in the client; 3) click on refresh; and 4) replace the 'old' references with identical new ones from the Group collection (using the 'classic' interface)?
  • She could absolutely replace the citations using Add/Edit citation, yes. Doesn't even require a new profile, she'd just want to make sure she inserts the replacements from the group.
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