Saving references and attaching pdfs on ipad

edited March 4, 2021
I've managed to do this in the past using the bookmarklet on safari but I can't any longer. Can't save pdfs or even references from academic journals, or just references from amazon. It makes me log in repeatedly and then still doesn't work. I've disabled cross-site tracking and tried several different browsers. Is there any way to do it at the moment? Thank you for all suggestions!
  • I'm having this problem on both safari and Chrome on my iphone
  • Browsers have made bookmarklets less and less reliable (with anti-tracking features and other restrictions). On iOS specifically, it may help to regularly browse to — making Safari trust it as a first-party site — but if that doesn't help, your best option is to use the save page or "Add by Identifier" in the web library.

    Saving will be possible with the upcoming iOS app.
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