Beta: ctrl+v no longer working for add by identifier

Most recent beta on Windows 10
Error report ID 975737638
Basically what the title says: right-click + paste works, but ctrl+v doesn't anymore for add by identifier. Haven't done extensive troubleshooting, but restart didn't fix this.
  • Addition: other keyboard shortcuts like ctrl+z or ctrl+a also no longer work in add by identifier and I'm fairly sure they used to.
  • Thanks for reporting. It will be fixed in the next version.
  • (This was fixed yesterday in 5.0.97-beta.2.)
  • Thanks, working again.
  • Hi.

    This problem still exists for me on Ubuntu version 18.04 and Zotero version Slightly more specifically, when I press the ctrl button the pop-up window for 'Add Item(s) by identifier' closes. I can still use right-click and paste.
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