DataCite DOI not responding in Magic Wand

edited March 4, 2021

I'm trying to use the Magic Wand to import data from a DataCite DOI. Zotero fails to import the data even though there there is a response from the DataCite API.

DOI: 10.34847/cocoon.a966a1bc-6642-36a3-8f87-e298a78678d3
Zotero: 5.0.96
Does this specific DOI fail to import for others as well?
  • The problem is "schema-version": null, -- Zotero uses the schema version to identify JSON as Datacite JSON so the translator never fires. I think this may be a bug over at DataCite -- this shouldn't happen.
    It's also weird that there is no types array. I thought that was mandatory
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