DataCite translator interpreting extent for audio objects

edited March 4, 2021

I'm importing to Zotero via the magic wand and a DataCite DOI. (Doi: 10.24397/pangloss-0004690) The referenced object is an audio object the DataCite JSON load does have the extent (time) of the audio object, but Zotero is interpreting it as pages and artwork size and placing the value in Zotero "extra" field.

Artwork Size: PT0H3M10S
Pages: PT0H3M10S

I'm tryin to tack down if the time based data is just in the wrong format, or if the data provider to DataCite has the data encoded in a manner which is not conducive to Zotero interpreting the payload correctly. — essentially why is this data getting to Zotero, but not in the right field?

I am using curl to look at the JSON response from DataCite, I am using Zotero 5.0.96, and I am looking at the translator: JSON.js

I'm wondering if I can get some help understanding where in the data transmission pipeline the consternation is occuring. Is it the Zotero translator for DataCite?
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