Available in preview: Zotero PDF reader and new note editor

  • Hi, I'm really liking the new PDF reader.

    One thing that would help my workflow:
    I sometimes highlight an extract of text from a PDF and drag it into OneNote - would it be possible to have a citation be added when dragging highlighted text into an external application?
  • Can the pdf reader suppport double click to select a word
    @linlh: We'll try to do that, yes.
  • edited March 26, 2021
    I would suggest supporting also DJVU. Many papers are provided in that format. I don't know if this would be technically easy/difficult to carry out on the desktop/ipad versions.
  • Would it be possible to save tabs between restarts? I'd like to be able to return to the docs I am reading as we cycle through the betas. I have a vague feeling someone else might have requested that, in which case sorry for the repetition.
  • @b.n.lawrence: Yes, tab state restoring will be added in a future update.
  • Thanks to everyone for the comments, bug reports, and feature requests. This thread is getting a bit unwieldy, so we're going to close it, but please feel free to start new threads for other issues. Be sure to put "PDF reader", "new note editor", or similar in the title so it's clear what you're referring to.

    We're tracking everything that's been posted here, so don't worry if you haven't received a response, and keep an eye on upcoming beta builds for many more fixes and improvements. We'll pull out comments into new threads for further discussion as necessary.
  • PDF tab and window restoring is now available in the latest beta.
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