Random period appearing after date

Dear Zotero community,

I am using the following code to display the publication year in the bibliography:

<date date-parts="year" form="text" variable="issued" suffix=", "/>

Generally, it works as expected and the output is: "[year], ...".
When the publication year is a range, eg. "1960–1965" and I enter it in the "Extra" field as: "issued: 1960-1965". In these cases, however, Zotero suddenly adds another period to the output like this: "[year]., ..." I cannot figure out what's going on, since both times I am using the same code to display the data.

Any help would be appreciated!
  • Not exactly sure where the period is coming from, but 1960-1965 is not the right way to enter a date range in Extra. Ranges in ISO dates are given by /, i.e. 1960/1965. The style will interpret that correctly and display 1960–1965 (including using the correct en dash rather than a hyphen)
  • Thanks for the info. I guess I will have to keep hunting for that period then...
  • We can certainly try to help find it if you post the whole style, but does it go away with a properly entered date range?
  • It did not – but now I have traced the period to a piece of code in a completely different section of the style. No idea what went wrong. I will try to rewrite it myself before I trouble you again. But thanks for your support!
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