Suppress URL Field - Society of Biblical Literature 2nd Ed (Full Note)

When I import data from online sources (such as library databases) zotero automatically fills in the URL field.

When I want to export bibliographic information, I'd prefer not to export this URL information as many of these sources are actually physical books. I could delete it, but it can be nice to keep it for reference purposes.

Is there an easy fix for this?
  • The problem here is actually the import, not the style. Library catalogs shouldn't import URLs for books into Zotero -- do you have a couple of examples?

    (It's possible to modify the style, but it's fairly involved, especially for a complex style like SBL)
  • I agree with the original concern. While I could simply delete the url, it's useful information to have (such as the location of the book online). But I certainly don't want a url included in a footnote or bibliography when I'm citing the physical copy. It would be great if there were a simply tick box in the general preferences, just as there is for the url of journal articles.
  • Citation styles rely on the presence of a URL as a signal that a book is an online book.
    Where that's not the case, the URL should be attached as a link (which is also what a correctly importing library catalog should do, e.g.).

    The include URL box is a frequent source of confusion -- it's probably warranted for articles (but even there we have discussed removing it given how many problems it causes), I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be there for books.

    As per above -- where books are imported incorrectly, we're happy to fix that.
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