Issues with zotero translators on search results screen


I am a faculty member at a University and multiple students have come to me with a persistent issue. Each time they attempt to extract multiple articles from the search results screen of proquest and ebsco databases they are met with a translator error message with a link to the zotero translator troubleshooting page. This issue has persisted even if the students in question limit the number of articles they are attempting to extract to 5 or less. The translator still functions as it should when extracting single articles by clicking on the title of an article and using zotero from the page of a single article, so it appears to be a translator issue related to the search results page only.

I've followed all of the troubleshooting steps both on my own machine and with the students in question and the issue persists. It is a very recent problem that seems to be widespread at my institution. We are authenticated via a proxy server, but it doesn't seem as though that could be the issue.

Thank you for your help.
  • Does it happen for a single selected item?

    I can't test this at the moment, so someone else will need to check if it's working for them, but failures on search results pages are often due to site access limits, even for small numbers of items.
  • It doesn't appear to be a site access issue as multiple students are seeing the same issue regardless of whether or not that have recently used zotero to extract a large number of articles from a given database or not. Would the failure due to an access issue present the user with a "translator error"?
  • Also, in CINAHL (EBSCO), students are not even being shown the option to select multiple articles on a search results screen, but the zotero connector is automatically saving a snapshot of the search results list from the page. I don't think that this is a site access issue either. The connector works as it should here when accessing a single article and attempting to save it from that single article page. Again, this is a very recent issue that I've never encountered before.
  • Proquest works fine for me in general, though we'd want to know exact databases and queries used.

    I'm seeing some problems with EBSCO
  • Do you mean query in terms of which specific items each student was attempting to save from the proquest search results screen?
  • I mean which exact database(s) they were searching and with which search terms. Essentially, I'd need to be able to get to the same point where things failed for them to see if it's a general problem. If it is, it's fixable on the Zotero end. If it isn't it's still likely to somehow be an anti-bot measure by Proquest.
  • The searches were conducted in both proquest central, and proquest health and medical collection. I don't think this is search term-specific as it happened to multiple students utilizing different search terms.

    The ebsco issue is still persisting for these students, all of whom were searching within CINAHL.
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