Table < td > width in reports


when I manually include some tables in my notes and set the width of some columns the settings will be ignored when I create a report of the note (and, thus, it is ignored when I safe it as HTML or print it).

I have tried both < td width = " 30px " > and < td style = "width:30px" >, which both work fine in the note editor.

So if I create a table and have one (or more) column(s) with numbers or dates or whatever, and one (or more) column(s) with some more voluminous content, the table in the report will nevertheless always be divided equally by 2, 3, or however much columns there may be.

Is there anybody who has challenged similar problems, or any ideas for a solution? For it shall not be that the mere digit of a row occupies as much space on the page as it does all the data that belong to the same row. (Tables get a bit lengthy.)

Best regards!
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