Request for improvement: support handle in 'add item by identifier' feature

I'm curious as to why handle identifiers are not supported when adding items by unique identifiers. If this is feasible to implement, would you please consider adding this as an improvement to this great feature? The alternative is to craft many entries by hand, since for some reason the browser extension will not identify any embedded metadata provided by various institutional repositories that only support handle and not doi.
  • Handles are just a system of generating permalinks; they don't have associated metadata the way DOIs have (nor are there even somewhat centralized catalogs of metadata like there are for ISBNs) so adding by handle is no different from adding by URL (which doesn't appear to be working for you).

    If you have a link to embedded metadata on an IR not working we can take a look.
  • How would I add by URL? Are you referring to using the browser extension? Here is a link to the item I'm hoping to add:
  • You can't currently add by URL in Zotero -- it's being considered, but using the browser add-on is always at least as good, so the use case is limited.

    That particular page has illegal HTML in the header: because of
    <span style="display:none;" id="rememberToSaveText">Attenzione: i dati modificati non sono ancora stati salvati. Per confermare inserimenti o cancellazioni di voci รจ necessario confermare con il tasto SALVA/INSERISCI in fondo alla pagina</span>

    Your browser considers everything below that line part of the HTML body (you can tell when looking at the page using the Inspect function) and Zotero only looks for metatags in the header, where they belong.
  • edited March 2, 2021
    Alright, thank you for looking into it. Interesting that the browser doesn't rely on the explicit < body > tag.
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