Default application for opening links to files

I've just changed to LibreOffice (from Word). Zotero works fine for citations in LibreOffice but when I try to open legacy .doc or .docx files linked (not stored) to my Zotero records, they open with Pages not LibreOffice, even though LibreOffice has been made the default word processor within the Mac's operating system. Is there any way of chaning this within Zotero short of uninstalling Pages?
Thank you

(Mac Mini with M1 chip running Big Sur)
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    Zotero simply launches files via the OS. There's no way to choose applications within Zotero (except for the default PDF reader). You'll need to fix the file associations outside of Zotero.
  • Thank you. Back to the Mac forums I guess :(
  • For anyone else with this problem ... in Finder go to a file in the legacy format (e.g. .docx) ... File/Get info ... Open with [select the application of your choice from drop down]. Then click Change All/Continue. NB remember to do this for old .doc files too!
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