Cannot update citations, large document

I have a large document with 1500 citations. Everytime I try to update the citations I get a message saying Zotero experienced an error.
Debug ID: D1442350806
Report ID: 1897098190
  • Update: I am no longer even getting the progress bar, it just says "integration error" every time I click on add/edit citation. However, in other word documents it works just fine.

    Clicking the "refresh" button does nothing as well.
  • Attempting to update manually modified citation.
    [Exception... "The operation couldn't be completed. (OSStatus error -1708.) @[displayAlert:document.m:188]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: file:///Applications/ :: checkStatus :: line 405" data: no]
    There's an edited citation in the document, with a removed period. That may have been accidental, but in case not, you should always avoid editing citations in the document if possible — you would want to fix the metadata, fix the citation style, or customize the citation, depending on the problem. Manual editing shouldn't break your document, though — normally it would just prompt you about whether you wanted to keep your changes and prevent further updates to the citation. But in this case the confirmation dialog is failing to show for you, which is why this is failing.

    Restart Zotero and Word and try again. It may help to make sure Zotero remains visible on the screen — at the moment, if Zotero is completely hidden behind other windows, macOS can slow the app down significantly such that there's a timeout before the dialog is displayed, resulting in an error.

    You can also follow the last step on Troubleshooting Errors in Word Processor Documents to isolate the problematic citation in a copy of the document, and then fix the citation in the original document. (To revert a modified citation, click on it and click Add/Edit Citation, which will prompt you to revert it.) There may be more than one modified citation in the document.
  • Okay so there's a corrupted citation. How do I go about fixing the problem? I found one of the citations that was edited but because Zotero is not working, nothing happens when I click "add/edit" or refresh.
  • If nothing at all happens (i.e. you don't get errors or dialogs), look through all open Zotero windows, sometimes a citation dialog gets burried under other windows. If it isn't there restart Zotero and try again. Also see the troubleshooting instructions linked above.
  • There are no windows that pop up, I closed everything else. Restarting didn't help either...
  • Unless you can no longer even insert a citation into a new, empty document, you'll need to follow the last step on the page linked above to debug this. It explains how to isolate the problem so you can work around it and provide us with a document excerpt that we can use to try to fix any underlying bugs.

    If you don't get any response from the buttons in a new, empty document after restarting your computer, see No Response from Plugin.
  • @mikibsh: We've identified the underlying bug here and released Zotero, which should fix the error. You can update from Help → "Check for Updates…" and then restart Word. Sorry for the trouble.
  • @dstillman thank you, I will update and hopefully it will work now!
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