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I am unable to cite in Zotero as the pop-up says "Zotero integration error" and "You must place the cursor on Zotero for citation" (?)
  • Hi, dstillman,
    Two days ago, I discovered that my free space was full, and Zotero asked me to buy cloud space. I did it, and after some time, it started working. However, I encounter the same problem (integration error) now. I am working on my dissertation with deadlines. I don't understand what you are suggesting in the troubleshooting in Word Processor Document. Kindly help me with clear directions.
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    This has nothing to do with file storage.

    You'll need to follow the steps on the linked page to debug this, and if you're still having trouble provide the requested information. There's nothing we can say here that wouldn't just be repeating what's on that page. If there's something specific you don't understand, quote it here and say what you don't understand about it.
  • Dear dstillman,
    I have been checking all except the last suggestion in the list. Still, it is not working. It shows the same integration error pop-up.
    "Check for citations in image captions. Zotero won't let you insert them, but if you copied a citation to a caption that's most likely the source of the problem. Delete it"
    What does this mean? Does this mean that I cannot manually enter a citation in Zotero? I have done that previously and it had worked. What do you mean by "image captions"?
  • If you don't understand that, it likely doesn't apply to you — it's about pictures in your document.

    You need to follow the last step.
  • I followed the last step too. It does not work. In both cases, it comes with the same pop-up. When I deleted the first half, however, it entered the citation with the instant error message while it did not do the citation in the second half. Now, what should I do?
  • From that section:
    Repeat the halving process on the section that fails, or pick one at random if both do.
    You need to narrow down the document until the problem no longer occurs, and then narrow down the other half.

    We can't really walk you through this beyond the instructions there. The point is just that, unless you delete everything in the document and it still doesn't work, then by definition you can cut down the document to find just the part that breaks. That section just explains a fast way of doing that.
  • Hi distillman,
    I have been doing that troubleshooting paragraph by paragraph. When it reached the second paragraph, it started giving me the same problem. I have modified the intext citation and I have noticed Zotero highlighting the preceding modified citation. Does it mean that I have to delete it from my collection and reenter it? If yes, Will it affect all the citations that I have done before from that particular entry?
  • You don't have to delete anything from Zotero, but if you're having a problem with a citation in your document, then you should delete it and reinsert it, yes.

    But if a given paragraph is reliably giving you an error — not just a modified-warning warning, which is normal, but an error — you should also send us an excerpt of the document, as it says on that page, so that we can look into any underlying bug.
  • I don't think it is just a paragraph. It looks to me that the problem is with Zotero and not with my document. I shall send a page of my document. How should I send it?
  • It says on that page.
  • Thank you for being patient with me. Can you locate the issue?
  • Can you please tell me how to send the document? Do you mean to copy and paste here?
  • From the bottom of the page:
    If you encounter a broken document, please create a new thread in the Zotero Forums so we can attempt to fix the issue. Be sure to include a Report ID from Zotero, your operating system and word processor versions, the steps you have attempted to fix the error, and whether you were successful. You should also send the document excerpt from Step 10 and a link to your forum thread to support@zotero.org so that we can try to reproduce the problem.
  • I could not locate the help menu in Zotero. And where should I find the Report ID?
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    I can reproduce the problem in your document — thanks.

    There's a bug here in the latest version of Zotero that we're working to fix, but in the meantime you'll need to reinsert the citation that's causing the problem. (There may be more than one — it's due to modified citations in the document.)
  • @pereppadan: We've released Zotero, which should fix the error. You can update from Help → "Check for Updates…" and then restart Word. Sorry for the trouble.
  • Thank you, dstillman.
    It seems working now!
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