Zotero Database Corrupted to Hell - Recovery Possibilities?


I've just had a major disaster happen without any apparent reason: my Zotero database has become corrupted. This did NOT come as a result of any backups, moving files or anything of the sort. Zotero was only a little bit in use in the last couple of days, so only minor changes to individual notes. It is truly a case of "fine one day, utterly destroyed the next". I just woke up, turned on the PC, and I couldn't open up Zotero.

I have already tried the database repair tool, but the sqlite stays corrupted. Ditto for my .bak files.

What else can I do to recover my work? Given that, for a start, the storage folder is unaffected, I ought to be able to at least recover the folder structure in Zotero with all my PDFs, but I have no idea how.

Any help much appreciated.

Device details: i7 8th gen, 16gb ram, hybrid firecuda hard drive, Linux Mint 19 OS
  • Do you have your data directory in ~/Zotero, or is it in another location? Are you using any sort of syncing utility on that folder?

    Can you provide the Upload ID from the DB Repair Tool for both your zotero.sqlite file and the oldest .bak file? You can ignore the download links the tool provides.
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