Zotero (WIN) lagging when entering item info

When entering info such as item title, author, and place, Zotero keeps lagging for three-four seconds. The lags occur when moving between fields with Tab, or while typing info into the fields. This is becoming very annoying. My library contains about 2500 items. Is there any way to fix this?

I logged and submitted some operations where lagging occurred, report D586060386.

Thanks for your efforts in maintaining this great piece of software.

  • Disable BBT. If the problem goes away (which it almost certainly will), you'll need to report this to the BBT developer on GitHub.
  • Disabling BBT did the trick. Thanks, will forward this to the developer.
  • This problem was at least partly caused by a combination of auto-export and having background (worker) export disabled. With auto-exports I highly recommend leaving background exports on (which is the default). With regular foreground exports, there's no way for me to prevent lag, since exports can't do async work.
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