Reorder saved searches

I'm starting to use saved searches much more than collections however the saved searches only appear at the bottom of my library in alphabetical order. I want to be able to move them into collections and organize them logically for my projects, not alphabetically. Please help. Is this possible or is there a plug-in in the works?
  • This is a common request and will likely happen at some point.
  • edited April 5, 2021
    It would definitely be great to be able to reorganize saved searches, including placing them above instead of below all the collections.

    Saved searches make a lot of sense as organizational structures. It seems a much more versatile and modern way to do collections than only static (manual) collections.

    I came by this post looking for a way to write a script that would automatically add items from a saved search to a corresponding collection as they are added to the library.

    Because after making some saved searches realizing the utility of having "smart" collections that auto-update based on the search terms instead of going in to do it all manually, I was disappointed to find they can't be re-organized and made accessible at the top of collections.

    But then I suppose with saved searches it wouldn't have any kind of saved collection metadata specifying which saved search it belongs to, though maybe that wouldn't be hard to do...

    Maybe something could be done in the vein of "live" collections?

  • +1 for this feature request
  • +1 I like this feature, too, and hope we could move saved searches to the top of the folders.
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