OvidSP publication includes date, does not work for Ovid full text

When scraping OvidSP, the Publication field for a Journal Article includes the date of the paper meaning a lot of additional editing (more so than normal for OvidSP). For examples see:

Life support decision making in critical care: Identifying and appraising the qualitative research evidence
Giacomini, Mita; Cook, Deborah; DeJean, Deirdre
Critical Care Medicine. 37(4):1475-1482, April 2009.
AN: 00003246-200904000-00043.
* Publication shown as: Critical Care Medicine April 2009

An In-depth Exploration of Information-Seeking Behavior Among Individuals With Cancer: Part 2: Understanding Patterns of Information Disinterest and Avoidance
Lambert, Sylvie D. N, PhD(c); Loiselle, Carmen G. N, PhD; Macdonald, Mary Ellen PhD
Cancer Nursing. 32(1):26-36, January/February 2009.
AN: 00002820-200901000-00006.
* Publication shown as: Cancer Nursing January/February 2009

Also, scrapper works in the normal multiple article display (you get the folder icon and can choose which articles you want), but if you click on "Ovid full text" although the single article icon appears in the address bar nothing happens if it is clicked (you get a blank box bordered in red which disappears after a few seconds).

Zotero v2.0b7.r5126, Win XP, FF v3.5.3
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