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Good evening,
I am writing my PhD thesis and I really appreciate if someone could kindly help me :)

I tried lots of styles but none is good for my needs.

I would need a style with citation in the text like this (Rossi, 2019).
If the number of page is specified, I would like to have (Rossi, 2019, p. 5),
if I have a list of citations in the text, I would like to order them in chronological order (Rossi, 2002; Bianchi, 2019),
if I have two authors, I would like to have (Bianchi e Rossi, 2020),
if I have more than two authors, I would like to have (Bianchi et al., 2020) with et al. in italics.

Concerning the bibliography, I would like something like this but I am quite flexible:

Quagli A. (2004), Comunicare il futuro: l'informativa economico-finanziaria di tipo previsionale delle società quotate italiane, Milano, FrancoAngeli.
Raffoni A., Visani F., Bartolini M., Silvi R. (2018), Business performance analytics: exploring the potential for performance management systems, Production Planning & Control, 29, 1, pp. 51-67.
Renoldi A. (1997), Valore dell'impresa, creazione di valore e struttura del capitale, Milano,
Soin K., Collier P. (2013), Risk and risk management in management accounting and control, Management Accounting Research, 24, 2, pp. 82-87.
Cinquini L. (2000), Il “valore” nella misurazione della performance aziendale: EVA(R) e REIR (146-162) in Bianchi Martini S., Cinquini L., Di Stefano G., Galeotti M. (a cura di), Introduzione alla valutazione del capitale economico. Criteri e logiche di stima, Milano, FrancoAngeli.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards
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