Zotero/Zotfile Annotations Extracted Out of Order

Zotero has been a game changer for reviewing/annotating pdfs in graduate school. The extraction tool has helped me save my "notes" in a quickly accessible way, really helping me organize my thoughts. I have no issue with either the highlight or underline functions with extraction. However, my pdf "sticky notes" are often extracted out of order from the other annotations. This means that my sticky note responding to other highlighted text is extracted out of context. I have to open the document, find the sticky note, and then find the highlight that is associated with it in order to remember my original thought/response. I then have to move/edit my sticky note to the correct place in my zotero notes doc. This is obviously tedious and impacts the original usefulness of this tool.

How do I make it so that the notes/highlights/underlines are extracted in either top-bottom order or time order?

Details: I am using a PC, adobe acrobat DC, and the most recent version of zotero as of 12/2020.
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