Web Form to Feed a Zotero Library


Is it possible to set up a web form that will collect responses and automatically add them to a specified Zotero library? I need to collect publications from a large number of collaborators, many of whom do not have a Zotero account / desktop app.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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    The easiest option would be to just have people submit identifiers — DOIs, ISBNs, etc. — that you can paste into Add Item by Identifier in Zotero in batch.

    Beyond that, not easily — adding items to Zotero requires some sort of Zotero software to do the saving. You could install an instance of translation-server and submit the output to the Zotero API, but that would be getting fairly complicated.

    Somewhere in between would be having people use zbib.org and submit a saved link ("Link to this version"), and then have someone quickly go through each of those and save them to Zotero with the save button. Might be too tedious depending on how many people we're talking about, but the data would be in pretty good shape. (ZoteroBib doesn't work on as many sites as the Zotero Connector, but you could ask people to input the metadata themselves if necessary.)

    You could also use a shared account and the "Add by Identifier" option in the Zotero web library, which would be the same as ZoteroBib but without the extra saving step, though we discourage sharing a single account like that for security and maintenance reasons.
  • Thank you!
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