Almost there with Scrivener and Zotero, but

Can't quite get it to work, I think. Any advice much appreciated.

Here's what I did. First, I followed the instructions from whuber in this post:

1. Install the RTF/ODT plugin for zotero

2. Install the Better BibTeX plugin

3. Download the zotpick.7z file from this website

4. Unzip the folder

5. Place this folder in the Scrivener folder located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener

6. In scrivener, open the Options window (F12). Under the general tab, click on choose under the bibliography/citation Manager section.

7. Navigate to wherever you previously placed the folder. This will appear empty at first. Click on the dropdown menu to change file type, to display .lnk files.

8. Select the file named zotpick-scannablecite - Shortcut.lnk and press okay. Exit the Options window.

Then I followed adamsmith's advice and got this: Cite.js, and saved the downloaded file into the translator folder in the Zotero data directory. Restarted Zotero and Scannable Cite is now available.

So far so good. Went into Scrivener, and I wrote:

> This is a citation to Gould.

Then I dragged the reference from Zotero over to Scrivener and it looked like this:

> This is a citation to Gould. { | Gould, 2002 | | |zu:1673825:IXWSVM5T}

Then I exported it from Scrivener using File -> Export -> Files -> Export text files as OpenDocument Format (.odt)

Then I went back to Zotero and chose: Tools -> ODF Scan -> File Type ODF (to citations), and selected the input file and named the output file (out.odt).

Zotero said, "Document Scan Complete: Your document has now been scanned and processed. Please ensure that it is formatted correctly."

Then I opened out.odt with Word, and it is this:

> This is a citation to Gould. Gould, 2002

But that reference isn't a Zotero reference, it's just text. If I use the Word Zotero plug-into make the bibliography it says, "You must insert a citation before forming this operation."

I feel so close I hope I'm missing something obvious.
  • You need to open the ODT in LibreOffice or convert it to a DOCX file.
  • Thanks! I guess I missed that step.

    When I open it in LibreOffice it is right, but converting it to .docx -- either by SaveAs in LibreOffice or with -- reverts it back to plan text.

    I guess I could just just LibreOffice.
  • See the two options here:

    FWIW, I hope that we'll have a more robust alternative to ODF scan (basically a reliably working RTF scan using proper citekeys) in the not-too-distant future, but until then, this does involve a couple of awkward steps in setup
  • Excellent. Got it. Little diversion around installing Java RTE or something.

    Fortunately, I only need to do this once - when I finish the book. LOL famous last words. Thanks!
  • @adamsmith I do hope that this can be streamlined and a robust text placeholder mechanism with citekeys be developed. Unlike some of the other feature requests and wishlists, it would seem straightforward enough. But it feels like we're getting there.
  • I don't know about Zotero's development priorities, but I think with native citekey support in all likelihood in 5.1, this would be a natural thing to do, yes.

    There are some trade-offs in terms of simplicity vs. complexity: e.g. converting into live citations carries more baggage, and wanting the ability to mimick every feature of Zotero citations (prefix, suffix on individual items, etc.) 100% reliably also creates issues for a simpler syntax than the admittedly clumsy curly brackets and pipes we use for ODF scan, so Zotero will need to make some calls on that and I'm sure some people will be unhappy about those, but for the vast majority of users I think it'd be much more convenient.
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