Preventing year-suffix disambiguation for sources where there is no author?


I'm using a lot of Kenyan case law in my PhD thesis and have edited my own version of Chicago author-date style to cope with the case law, bills and statutes from Kenya as well as a few types of international legal documents. However I cants seem to figure out a way to prevent legal cases from ending up with year-suffix disambiguation, where it seems as if (possibly) zotero is perhaps treating the official court reporting body as the author?

This is how the references turn out:

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights & another v Attorney General & 3 others [2017a] eKLR. Constitutional Petition No. 227 of 2016, High Court at Nairobi (Kenya).

Republic v Hillow Abdullahi Koriyow [2017b] eKLR. Criminal Case No. 2019, High Court at Garissa (Kenya).

Adan Abdille Deesow v Republic [2018a] eKLR. Criminal Appeal No. 15 of 2016, High Court at Garissa (Kenya).

Elgivia Bwire Oliacha v Republic [2018b] eKLR. Criminal Appeal No. 74 of 2016, Court of Appeal at Nairobi (Kenya).

The JSON for the top reference is
"id": "",
"type": "legal_case",
"authority": "High Court at Nairobi",
"container-title": "eKLR",
"number": "Constitutional Petition No. 227 of 2016",
"references": "Kenya",
"title": "Kenya National Commission on Human Rights & another v Attorney General & 3 others",
"issued": {
"date-parts": [

I am using the references field to specify the jurisdiction. eKLR is the 'reporter' (container-title) field, I am not sure if it's sorting them all based on that but I tried it in the 'abstract' field with the same result! Basically all the legal cases have different names, so in the absence of an author I was hoping it would sort them based on the title. This is working for other authorless-sources that I use the 'report' document type for, like treaties:

American Convention on Human Rights (ACHR), 1969. [OAS Treaty Series No. 36]. Adopted 22 November 1969, entered into force: 18 July 1978.

Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa (OAU Convention), 1969. [1001 UNTS 45]. Adopted 20 June 1969, entered into force: 20 June 1974.
Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (VCLT), 1969. [1155 UNTS 331]. Adopted 22 May 1969, entered into force: 27 January 1980.

Is there any way to prevent the legal cases sorting into 2017a, 2017b, etc. so they will all be just 2017 or whichever year, without a suffix?
  • For testing purposes, are you also getting these when you use standard Chicago (author-date)? If not, we'd have to see your style. Typically year suffix should only apply when citations are actually possibly ambiguous.
  • Hi Adamsmith,

    Since posting my question I experimented and added a short title field for each case, and now the year-suffix disambiguation is not appearing. Which is perfect. I’m not sure why that might have happened, though!

    I will test though with standard Chicago to see, although I wasn’t able to get the citation elements in the right order in the standard style which is why I edited my own version.

    Thanks :)
  • As long as this is working for you, no need to test with Chicago author-date -- that was just to intended for troubleshooting. I understand the style doesn't work for your legal materials.
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