Change of export format seems to have no effect

Hello all,

When working with Zotero in sync with Overleaf, I came across the following issue:

For articles written by authors with names containing special characters like 'é', Zotero does not escape the character. On this forum I found that I should set the export format to anything other than 'UTF-8', which I did: I changed Preferences/Export/Character Encoding from (auto detect) to Western. However, it seems like nothing has changed after I press the sync button in Zotero as well as Overleaf, and Overleaf still crashes due to the unescaped characters.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance,
  • This would be a question for Overleaf, not us. We don't have anything to do with Overleaf's Zotero integration.

    The setting in the preferences you changed is "Import Character Encoding" — that's about importing to Zotero, not exporting, and you should generally leave it on "(auto detect)". You choose the encoding for a Zotero export at export time, and that's where changing UTF-8 to Western would cause Zotero to use LaTeX escape sequences rather than Unicode. But that's only for exporting a .bib from Zotero, so unless you're doing that it's not relevant to Overleaf integration.
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