Handling of Dutch type names

In my bibliography Josep del Hoyo is showing as 'Hoyo, J. del'. I need it to show as 'del Hoyo, J.'. Is there any csl code I can use to do this?
  • Set "demote-non-dropping-particles" to "never" in the first line of the CSL
  • Thanks but demote-non-dropping-particle was already set to 'never' and dutch names are showing as e.g. Berg, A. van den.

    Should add that I'm using the ReadCube Papers plugin, in Microsoft Word. Might this be affecting the behaviour of Dutch names?
  • Yeah, that'd be a Readcube bug. In Zotero (and in any correct CSL implementation),
    "van den Berg, Albert"

    is rendered as
    "van den Berg, A." by a style with demote-dropping-particles="never". You'd have to contact them.
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