Hybrid Documents: 2 Sets of Citations in Single Document

Hello -

Is it possible to use 2 citation styles in the same document (Mac Microsoft Word, in my case, using Chicago style).

Several possible options:

1. With Notes and Bibliography System: 2 Sets of Notes
- use endnotes for simple source citations
- use footnotes for substantive notes (i.e. where I write additional commentary)

This approach is discussed in the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, section 14.49.
“In a heavily documented work it is occasionally helpful to separate substantive notes from source citations. In such a case, the citation notes should be numbered and appear as endnotes. The substantive notes, indicated by asterisks and other symbols, appear as footnotes. The first footnote on each printed page is referenced by an asterisk. If more than one footnote begins on a page, the sequence of symbols is * † ‡..."

-> This is possible in word, by using the Insert Footnote command, and choosing Footnote or Endnote type for each citation as needed, and selecting different sets of symbols for Footnotes and Endnotes.
- This does not seem to be possible in Zotero...as far as I can tell, Zotero can only handle one set of footnotes or endnotes in a single document
- Perhaps one could do a hybrid approach: either endnotes or footnotes as Zotero citations, and the other set as Word citations. However, the Word citations would presumably not show up in the automatically generated Zotero bibliography.

2. With Author-Date System: In-Text Citations + Notes
- use in-text parenthetical author-date citation for simple source citations
- use footnotes (or endnotes) for substantive notes

This approach is discussed in the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, section 15.31:
"Where footnotes or endnotes are used to supplement the author-date system, source citations within notes are treated in the same way as in text".

-> I think this might work by using Zotero to add the in-text citations, and Word to Insert the footnotes or endnotes; then adding a Zotero citation inside the footnote or endnote, which will appear in Author-date format, which would also entail that the cited item appears in the Bibliography automatically generated by Zotero. Is that the right way to accomplish this?

Any advice appreciated. I also wonder:
- How to change over to one of these systems when I've already created the document using only Zotero footnotes (for all citations, whether simple sources or substantive)?

- What's the best way to format citations in a document, if one does not know the final required target format? (For example, if one does not know which journal will (hopefully) ultimate select it, and thus does not know the format requirements which will apply in the end). So one would want to format in such a way that it would be easy to convert over as needed, with as little manual work as possible.

Thank you....


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