Unable to save database to alternate drive in Linux

Zotero does not recognise other drives I have. I am trying to export library to an alternate location but it will not allow me to access any other drive I have (mounted at /mnt) in fact the /mnt is not available to use at all. Why is this limitation here please? It's frustrating.
  • Most likely because you're running a third-party, sandboxed package of Zotero, not the official version. We can only provide support for the tarball from this site or the zotero-deb lightweight wrapper packages.
  • @dstillman, wonderful! Thank you. That was it. It was the Flatpak available in the package manager of POP!_OS. I uninstalled and installed via 'zotero-deb' from the install page and now I have access to all the drives.

    Thanks again.
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