Does Chicago Manuel 17th edition (full note) require a separate webliography for citing web content?

Is there a need to separately cite the contents used for the thesis from internet sources under the Hedding 'Webliography' or it should under the heading 'Bibliography' itself?

I've seen these separate mentions of Bibliography and Webliography separately in some works that followed the Chicago Manuel 17th edition (full note) method. is it the right approach?
  • The Chicago Manual certainly doesn't prescribe this, no. The standard approach would be to include web sources in the general bibliography and especially at a time where the lines between "web" and "print" are becomingly increasingly blurry, I think that's the right approach.
    That said, the Manual also allows for a lot of discretion on the part of authors, so it would be permissible in that spirit to opt for a webliography should you prefer to.
  • thankyou sir for your replay.
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