Macros in MIcrosoft Word

I'm sure this has something to do with my firewall (Norton) -- but I am new to Zotero and trying to import citations into Microsoft Word. When I click on the Zotero toolbar at the top of my Word document, I get the error message "The macro cannot be found or is disabled due to the security settings for macros." I have tried to find some way of adjusting this in my Norton settings but to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, bfmoser
  • It's an issue with your setting within Word. Go to the Tools menu and run your mouse over "Macro" then click on security (alternately just type Alt, then T, then M, then S). Set your security to medium and you'll be able to tell Word to allow the Zotero macro, hopefully while maintaining security vs. malicious macros.
  • assuming the "beta" is the reason there isn't a digital signature on the MS Word macro (and w/o dig sig can't change status to trusted and reset security level to high) -- does any one know if permanently setting the security level to medium is risky -- (w/ firewall, anti-virus, etc properly installed of course)?
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