Is there a way to shorten/comopress citation boxes in search reports?

Right now, when I do a search for results on a tag, I get a list of results from the search which contains the appropriately-tagged note from each source that includes a note with that tag. So far so good. But the note is preceded by a HUGE box that contains all the citation information for that source in a very spread-out format. Each box occupies about a third of a page and badly disrupts the flow of notes. I don't need or want that level of detail or page-wasting expanse in a search report, which is for my use only. Is there a way to compress or eliminate that and just have, say, the link, title and/or short title of the source displayed above the corresponding note(s)? That would make it much easier to print out and also easier to peruse online. Thanks. Richard
  • I feel like your skipping some steps here. Could you give a clearer step by step of what you're doing?
    E.g. I'm guessing you're creating a report, but I'm not actually sure that's the case because you don't mention that step.
  • You're exactly right. I an doing a search on a tag, creating a report of reponsive notes, and getting a result which contains the right items, then saving that search and generating a report from it. The result, if I check the box "include parent item" is the large box I complained of. If I don't check that box, I just discovered there is no box, instead just the title of the source. Ideally, there would be a box to check that gives you a bit more than title (also author, and date, in a compressed citation format, without the space-wasting box (also, we don't need a URL for that purpose). Is there any setting that allows search reports to be presented in that compressed format, so that what you see spatially when you generate a search report is mostly notes, not mostly citations (but that still contains author/date/publication info, which is who writers remember most sources (not title which is long and hard to remember)?
  • Nothing out of the box, but do check out the links above -- you can't get rid of the box, though, no.
  • True but the second link you sent took me to a place I could download an extension that allows me to easily edit and thus greatly condense the box, so that's a big help. Thanks!
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