API add user to groups, retreive all user in group

edited 13 days ago
Hi all,
I'm trying to figure out how can i add a user to my shared group library with the ZoteroAPI.

In fact i want to achieve an automatic process where people who have the mail extension '@mycompany.com', will directly added whereas other people should go into a manual review before being added.
I'm perfectly fine with all string processing automation, i just not being able to find on the online docs the url query and params to send to grant user the access.

It would be also fine, if i could have a query to retreive all actual granted user, to have some KPI dashboard for my shared library.

Thanks a lot guys for the support
  • (Best to post API questions to zotero-dev — we try to keep technical discussions there.)

    Sorry, there's no API for group management — that's something you'll need to do manually through the website.
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