Is There a Quick Way to Locate Collections/Sub-Collections in Which References/Papers are Stored?

I have >2100 references and papers stored on Zotero in many different collections and sub-collections. For multidisciplinary papers, I will often copy the reference into two or more relevant subcollections. *Most* of the time, I add tags and notes telling me in what collection or subcollection a paper is stored, but I'm not perfect and don't do it all the time.

I have discovered that it's difficult to determine in which collection or subcollection a paper is stored when I have omitted the reference notes that I need to find the paper. Is there a quick way to determine in which collection(s) or subcollection(s) a paper is located? If not, could you please consider adding a column or some other form of information that tells me in what folder to look when I'm trying to find the relevant collection?
  • Adam,

    Thank you for the link. I don't see how it helps me with my specific question. I have some papers in collections or subcollections that have no tags and no notes telling me where I put them. I have about 50 collections, with 1 - 5 subcollections under each collection. I need a way to quickly find those papers, navigate to the collection or subcollection, and then tag or annotate the reference so that I can find them again in the future. Is there a way to do that quickly?
  • I'm confused. You ask how you can tell quickly in which collection an item is and I link you to information about how to quickly identify the collection(s) an item is in. If that doesn't answer your question, you'd have to say why not.
  • Hi, Adam,

    My bad. I misread that section the first time and used the Linux key instead of the Windows key. When it didn't work (duh!), I thought it was the wrong information. I tried it again, and it worked.

    Thanks for your help! It is much appreciated, even by this old doofus. :-)

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