Is it possible to bath extract pdf annotations?

a) This might be a silly question as I am not a technical person. I have read over a period of many months articles and books sent to my tablet using zotfile (an excellent tool/feature). But as my library is rather large, I am not sure which pdf annotations I have extracted. Is there somewhat a way to find out? Or a kind of batch feature extracting them all? Or some other solution?

b) A smaller follow up question: Is it possible to search for notes only? I would like to find all notes (annotation extracted from pdf's and other notes).

Any help much appreciated!

Best regards,
  • 1) select all of the items you want to extract, right click, then choose Manage Attachments -> Extract Annotations

    2) in Advanced Search (the magnifying glass icon), you can search Note Content
  • Thank you for your answer, bwiernik, it works very well!
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