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A researcher I work with started linking citations to a Google doc from his personal library. Now those items are intermixed with other citations in his library. To keep it clean, we started a group library and we'd like to export only the citations linked with the Google doc from his library to import into the group library. Is that possible in an automated way? Or would he have to manually select all the linked citations?

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    No, sorry, he would have to manually select them, drag them to the group library, and then reinsert them into the Google Doc from the group library. Edit: See adamsmith below.

    Or you could ignore them, and everyone can keep using the document. The same citations can be used elsewhere by anyone by inserting from the Cited section of the citation dialog search results. Only he would be able to edit metadata for those citations to fix problems, though.

    A future version of Zotero will make it easier to select citations used in a document within Zotero (e.g., by showing a virtual collection of cited items for a document), but transferring items from one library to another and updating the citations for those items in existing documents is a fairly hard problem without great solutions.
  • I actually do think this is possible using
    You'd have to convert the document to Word first (using the "Switch Word Processor" button in the Document Prefs), but then it's pretty straightforward.
    Note, however, that you'd also need to re-insert them once they're in the group. Just copying them to the group won't link the group copy of the item with the document.
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