Issue with special issue capitalization (chicago)

edited February 17, 2021
I have a strange edge case with citing a special issue, which from what I gather is not currently supported. I have managed to get it to mostly look correct (using journal article as the item type) with one exception: the capitalization of "special"

I am using Chicago manual of style

What I am inputting
In the Publication field:
<i>special <span class="nocase">issue</span>,</i> The Wagner Journal

In the extra's field:
Medium: in “The Artwork of the Future”

What it is outputting

Wagner, Richard. “The Artwork of the Future [1851].” In “The Artwork of the Future.” Edited by Tash Siddiqui. Translated by Emma Warner. Special issue, The Wagner Journal, 2012, 13–86.

This is correct and looks as it should


Richard Wagner, “The Artwork of the Future [1851],” in “The Artwork of the Future,” ed. Tash Siddiqui, trans. Emma Warner, Special issue, The Wagner Journal, 2012, 13–86.

My issue: the "S" in special needs to be capitalized in the bibliographical entry, but not the footnote.

Any suggestions for solutions would be appreciated - either a html tag that indicates this to enter into the title, or perhaps a difference place I can input "special issue" to get the right behaviour.
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