in-text citation suddenly contains suddenly initials

Dear Zotero friends,
Hoping you're well. Suddenly my in-text citations contains also the initials of two authors: V. A. Schmidt and M. D. Cohen. According to Chicago Manual of Style (author-date), the in-text citation should only include last name with the year. It happened before when I was working on separate chapters and I fixed it by checking through every reference to the author in Zotero and changed them to be totally consistent. Now that my manuscript has been put together, it is doing it again. I created a new citation in a much smaller document to see if there were issues. None. All in-text citations look good (Schmidt 2008, 2010) for example.

Is there other advice you can offer about what to do? Please also take into consideration that my IT-knowledge is limited.

Thanks ever so much,


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