Adding two citations with same author-year crashes Zotero

Hi all. Having the weirdest bugs with Zotero. It seems to happen both on google docs and word, though I have tested the most extensively with word. Using the "Elsevier - Harvard (with titles)" style (last name, date) this occurs, but with "Nature" style (numerical) it does not.

I can start a new word document and cite one of the two below, but when I try to cite the other my CPU spikes and Zotero stops responding. I am then forced to kill Zotero and restart it.

I am trying to cite these two works:

I added both to Zotero using the Chrome plugin. Both are de Boer et al 2020. I confirmed that the same thing happens with two de Boer et al. 2015's as well. So I'm either cursed, or it's because the in-line abbreviation is the same (de Boer et al. 2020).

This happens on Zotero
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