Moving / copying references from My Library to a Group Library, preserving attachments.

We are trying to get an international team involved in maintaining references related to our project. We have a large collection from over a decade stored in various categories in a single account's My Library. At one time, attachments were synced using WebDAV but we converted to Zotero storage some time ago, for both My Library collections and for Groups. We are now trying to move much of our collection into shared Group collections, but have experienced a problem in making the transition.

Although the standalone client and the web client allow for moving references within the My Library section or within Group LIbraries, any attempt to drag/drop from My Library into a Group Library loses the attachments. Even when the attachments are all located in Zotero storage. One of the reasons we signed on to unlimited Zotero storage was to be able to make the transition to Group collections, so this is a bit of a surprise that the transfer of references and all attachments is not straightforward.

Is there a way, other than exporting / importing to move references with their attachments from a private My Library collection to a Group library?
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    1) Do this in the app, not on the web. That applies to any sort of significant work.

    2) If you've previously dragged the items without files (because of group settings, etc.), you currently need to delete them from the target library and empty the trash before dragging again. (This will be improved in a future version.)

    Make sure that the file settings for the group are correct before doing this, and make sure you can add a file in the group directly.
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