Searching for an item via API - results differ from client (?)

Hi all,

If I search for an item key (e.g., ZAKRMJ4F) in the client application (with setting 'everything'), e.g. the item will be found; moreover, if the 'extra' field matches, then the item is also found.

However, when I do this:
the item is not found. It's also not found if a matching string (e.g., ZAKRMJ4F is in the extra field).

Is this correct, or am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks!
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    (Please post API questions to zotero-dev.)

    There's currently no equivalent to the client's Everything mode in the API. qmode=everything means "Title, Creator, Year + Full-Text Content", as it says in web library drop-down. It won't search other fields. It'll be expanded to do so in the future.
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    (But if you're searching for an actual item, you would just use …/items/[itemKey] or …/items?itemKey=[itemKey], not q=.)
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