Zotero connector in Safari not working


My Zotero connector in Safari has not been working for the past couple days since the Zotero application was updated. I have tried numerous times to quit and restart both applications, restarted my computer a couple of times, and attempted to re-install Zotero — and the problem has not been resolved. Sometimes when I start up Safari for the first time I see a "Z" flash a couple of times where the button used to be, but nothing else happens. This is immensely frustrating and I can't figure out how to fix the problem.

Is anybody else having this issue or have any advice for how to resolve this?

Thank you!
  • You need to delete the Zotero beta from Applications and redownload it on every app update. If that doesn't work, restart your computer in between deleting and redownloading.

    This is the Apple bug that's preventing us from releasing the Safari connector to the non-beta channel.
  • Ok, interesting! That was another thing that I thought of, but was worried about deleting everything in my library. How do I make sure that all of my citations and notes are saved before I uninstall the application?

    Thanks for linking an explanation of that bug. I hope that things are resolved soon!
  • Deleting the app from Applications — any app, not just Zotero — has no effect on data. You can always do that safely.
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