Zotfile: Renaming wildcard for editor name?

Currently my renaming rule for files works as I intend for citations with authors, but for collective works with no primary author and only editor(s), the renaming rule isn't working as I'd like.

Currently my renaming rule is as follows:
{%F.}{ (%y).}{ %t}

Which results in filenames like:
SmithJ. (2021). Title of paper.pdf
SmithJ et al. (2021). Title of paper.pdf

However, if I try to use the %d, %D, %L or %l wildcards for editors, they don't seem to work. For example, for collective works with only editors, the format {%F|%L.}{ (%y).}{ %t} outputs:

(2021). Title of paper.pdf

Testing with just the %L wildcard doesn't output anything. None of the editor wildcards seem to work at all, in fact.

What am I missing? Is this a bug, is my renaming format not written correctly, or is it not currently possible to output the editor name(s) with Zotfile currently?
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