Zotero opens as if new each time; clears Zotfile preferences

Report ID: 723826517
Debug ID: D604337093

Hi! I recently installed Zotero 5.0 and added the ZotFile add-on. Unfortunately, every time I start up Zotero, it opens a web page directing me to install the Chrome extension (which I've already installed) and opens the ZotFile developer page. Also, each time I reopen the program, the ZotFile extension's preferences have been wiped: it no longer has the checkbox to allow it to send files to tablet, and it doesn't remember the file location I've selected for the tablet files to be sent to. Curiously, it still has the "Tablet Files" folder under My Library; it creates a duplicate Tablet Files folder when I re-check the tickbox in ZotFile preferences that allows sending files to tablet.
  • That would happen if something on your system is preventing the prefs.js file in your Zotero profile directory from being saved at Zotero shutdown. That's a bit surprising on a Mac, but there may be a problem with the permissions on that file or some third-party software that's interfering.
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