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I have unlimited storage and have been slowly updating my files so that each entry has its corresponding pdf--I have been keeping all of these pdfs on an external hard drive because my computer disk is almost always at the "Your disk is almost full, optimize storage" stage. The last time I went to optimize said storage, I saw that Zotero storage was holding a ton of gigs and I wondered: Is there any way to keep my pdfs in the online storage but NOT saved on the hard drive of my computer? Or will it attempt to download the files to my computer every time I synch/save new work?

Secondly, if I go through and delete that massive folder entitled "Zotero storage" off of my hard drive, will that have any adverse effects on the zotero app on my computer or my files through the app?

Thank you!
  • Start by going to Zotero preferences and changing the file syncing to download files as needed.

    So long as your library is fully synced, you can safely delete the files on your local computer and they will remain online in Zotero storage. To delete the local files without affecting online, go to the Zotero storage folder, search for *.pdf and delete the pdf files from your operating system file explorer. Don’t delete the items in your Zotero library.

    A future version of Zotero will have the option to specify how long to keep files locally.
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