Problem opening profile manager on Mac

I'm in the process of setting up a Zotero account and library to be used by a small research team with storage of attachments to a cloud service we share.

Everything is working fine on my Windows set up but when a team member tried to follow the process on the Mac, the profile manager window would not open when using the approach detailed here through the terminal: Instead the regular Zotero standalone opened.

They have version 5 of the standalone installed is there any other simple problem they are missing?

  • I'd guess that they're passing a lowercase p instead of an uppercase one.

    (You don't say why you're trying to open the profile manager. Note that that's an advanced feature and not something we generally recommend using, and it's certainly not needed for group collaboration.)
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    Thanks for the response, sorry I should have said that in the process I got them to try both the uppercase P as well as 'ProfileManager' and neither works.

    In our case I did first suggest that we used a group shared library with files synced to the Zotero online server for collaboration although given the number of files we would likely be keeping in the library we would have exceeded the free storage limits quickly. Of course I remarked that we could simply pay for a premium account but this suggestion was rejected (sigh!) by the decision makers given that we already have a cloud-based file-sharing platform available to us and not all team members are users of Zotero anyway. So I know that using the profile manager is a not an ideal 'work-around' but it seems like the best option for our needs?
  • I have asked the Mac user in question to check that they're desktop Zotero is up to date and to re-try the process and to send me a screenshot of the error response when passing the line to open the profile manager from the terminal.
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