Is storage pricing helping zotero project?

Hi all, I was wondering if storage pricing is a way to fund zotero project, or it is just offered for user´s convenience?

I would like to help but do not know if getting such storage results in a significant percentage of the revenue going to Zotero project.

  • Yes, storage purchases do contribute revenue to Zotero that supports development. If you want to support Zotero financially, purchasing storage is a good way to do so.
  • Yes, the Zotero project is funded almost entirely by storage subscriptions. (We occasionally seek out grants to support collaborations with other organizations, but that's rare.)

    Zotero is run by a nonprofit organization, so all storage revenue (less a small amount of shared legal/accounting costs) goes to development and infrastructure — primarily Zotero's team of full-time developers and the extensive cloud infrastructure that powers syncing and other functionality.
  • I am one of the (I hope) many who pay for unlimited storage but use only a tiny bit of that. I do this because I want to support Zotero. Please do the same.
  • I paid for unlimited storage for the past few years, but unfortunately have to stop this year. Given that my file access now relies on sharing attachments to my iPad via ZotFile from a single desktop, it makes more sense to use my money to pay for space on Dropbox. At least until the iPad app comes out.
  • While I do want to support the Zotero project, I find the breakpoints in the 2GB/6GB/unlimited storage tiers about 20 years out of date for annual fees of $20/$60/$120.

    By comparison, I pay £79pa for a Microsoft Office 365 Family subscription. That gives MS Office for 5 family members, each getting 1TB of OneDrive storage.

    For me, Zotero's 2GB is too small, while 6GB makes me worry I'll run out of space. So in essence, Zotero is asking me to pay $120pa. Which is just too much for a personal subscription.

    I'd say yes at around $50pa for 100GB.

    What do other non-subscribers think?
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    I, too, happily pay for unlimited storage (and have been for years) to support Zotero. But I recognize that not all may have the budget to do so. Zotero has shifted the price points and storage amounts in the past to make them more in line with expectations and the developing market. I expect they might do so again at some point. Also, in my experience, it never hurts to write to Zotero storage with a specific support or price point question ( last I checked).
  • @stevesimmons I concur that there needs to be a tier between 6GB and unlimited: I'm at about 8GB now, have been paying for unlimited for a few years but budget is tightening. At least there's movement on the iPad front, and I would like to continue supporting Zotero, but there needs to be an adjustment.
  • see this discussion already, a long time ago, but no movement here.
    It would probably also be helpful to have a donation button somewhere, because it is not very obvious for people that they should buy extra storage if they want to donate. Furthermore, people may want to donate different (smaller) sums, particularly if their storage needs are covered with a 2 GB or 6 GB subscription.
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